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Since 2017, I have been publishing blog posts and tutorials on Medium. I have worked with esteemed publications like freeCodeCamp, Hackernoon, Logrocket, Jscrambler, Digital Ocean, AppSignal, etc., and got millions in views. I have published content on Node.js, React, and React Native specifically.

amanhimself.dev did not start until 2019 when at a tech conference, a friend of mine suggested that I should create and host my own blog (and own the content). His suggestion opened the door of opportunities for me, a little wider.

Since then, this blog has grown its own audience. Each new post is announced on my X (Twitter) and included in my newsletter. This results in over 150k+ views on this blog alone and 1000+ newsletter subscribers.

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Some of the previous sponsors include: Jscrambler Manning Publications Napkin NoCodeAPI

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I am truly grateful to all the people and companies that decided to support my blog through Patreon, Ko-fi, and GitHub sponsors.

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