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Since 2017, I have been publishing blog posts and tutorials on Medium. I have worked with esteemed publications like freeCodeCamp, Hackernoon, Logrocket, Jscrambler, Digital Ocean AppSignal etc., and got millions in views. I have published content on Node.js, React, and React Native specifically.

amanhimself.dev did not start until 2019 when at a tech conference, a friend of mine suggested that I should create and host my own blog (and own the content). His suggestion opened the door of opportunities for me, a little wider.

Along with the blog, I decided to start a newsletter to share a summarized version of my writings and tutorials to a specific set of people who are curious and highly interested in learning more about the craft.

Since then, this blog has grown its own little audience. Each new post is announced on my Twitter and included in my newsletter. This results in over 90k+ views on this blog alone and 1000+ newsletter subscribers.

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The newsletter is delivered when I have new content to offer.

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Some of the previous sponsors include: Jscrambler Manning Publications Napkin NoCodeAPI

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I am truly grateful to all the people and companies that decided to support my blog through Patreon, Ko-fi, and GitHub sponsors.

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