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Last Update: July 6, 2024

I’m Aman Mittal, a documentation and developer. I love to explore and write about different technologies. My journey in the tech world started as a consultant and a Developer Advocate and has evolved through various roles in content development and technical writing.

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When I’m not immersed in code or crafting documentation, you’ll find me either reading a book or exploring new places.

Work History

I’ve worn many hats over the years:

Open Source & Me

In 2018, I made my first open-source contribution by writing a Twitter Bot for freeCodeCamp’s #100DaysOfCode campaign, which now has over 200k followers. Over the years I’ve made some contributions to some projects and organizations such as Node.js, Gatsbyjs and freeCodeCamp both as a contributor. and I was recognized among the Top 200 Open Source Contributors by in 2018.

Technical Writing

My journey in technical writing started on Medium in 2017. Since then, I’ve:

You can find my work in publications like LogRocket, Jscrambler, freeCodeCamp,, Sentry, AppSignal, FlyCode, Crowdbotics, Educative Edpresso,, Draftbit, Dzone, Open Replay, HarperDB, Hackernoon, Ocean,, Geek Culture, JavaScript Plain English.

Other notable publications and organizations: Rising Stack,,, Art + Marketing,, ITNext, Eduonix, The Startup,, LevelUp Gitconnected, Better Programming, React Native Training, Pusher, Instamobile, Soshace, and Transifex Native.

Some of my blog articles and tutorials have featured in esteemed Newsletters: Node Weekly, React Status, Mobile Dev Weekly, Weekly Picks, Mobile Developers Café, and React Native Newsletter.

Speaking Engagements

I’ve shared my knowledge at various events:


I work on a M1 Macbook Pro 16” 2023 and use any flat surface as my desk and chair.

Awards and Recognition

I was awarded as the Most Authentic Developer Advocate of the Year 2022 at #Noonies2022 by Hackernoon.