👋 Hi, I'm Aman


I am a full-stack software developer with a background in Computer Science and specializing in web and mobile technologies using the JavaScript ecosystem. I love to write code and write and educate others about code.

I am an independent developer. Currently working as a consultant and technical writer at Crowdbotics. I've been building and consulting on Web Applications for almost three years now.

I blog a lot. I have got over 900k reads. I love writing about code in general and specifically on modern JavaScript frameworks including Node.js, React, React Native and GraphQL and share what I know.

I have written for more than 15 online publications and organizational blogs and have been responsible to create a curriculum for an online learning educative platform on Nodejs.

I love contributing to Open Source and have been active in freeCodeCamp, Node.js, and GatsbyJS. I've been awarded among Top 200 Open Source Contributors by freeCodeCamp.org in 2018.

When I am not coding, you will find my nose in a book, or traveling to a new place and getting astonished by its beauty.

Work History

    Consultant, Full-Stack role
  • Crowdbotics (Consultant, Technical Writer)
  • Danco Solutions (Consultant)
  • Zeolearn (Node.js Course Curriculum Creator)
  • Huksa Private Networks (Consultant)
  • JBL Technologies (Consultant)
    Unique Touch Solutions (2016 - 2017)
  • Associate Software Engineer/Node.js Developer

Open Source Contributions

    freeCodeCamp (2017- present)
  • Creator/Maintainer of #100DaysOfCode Twitter bot followed by more than 40k+ developers.
  • GatsbyJS
  • Creator of 4 starter/theme kits.
  • Node.js
  • Contributor/Maintainer of NodeJS.org website.

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I write about web development in general but a lot of my blog posts contains information about Nodejs, React, React Native and GraphQL.

Technical Writer at freeCodeCamp, Hackernoon, Codeburst.io, ZeoLearn.com, Art + Marketing, 42hire.com, ITNext, Eduonix, The Startup, JavaBeginnersTutorial.com, Crowdbotics, Alligator.io, Expo.io (Exposition), Heartbeat (Fritz.ai), Pusher, JSCrambler & React Native Training.

Technical Skills

My Current Stack

Node.js, React, React Native, Firebase, Express, GatsbyJS, Expo

Frameworks/Libraries I've used in past

Angular, Meteorjs, Ionic, SASS, Bulma, Semantic UI, Material, Bootstrap


MongoDB, GraphQL, JSON


BTech/BE in Computer Science.

Open Source Projects

Tech Writing

A list of all posts I have written in past on Web/Mobile Technologies.

100DaysOfCode Bot

Helping 40k+ developers who participate in #100DaysOfCode to engage on Twitter.

Gatsby Starter CeeVee

A single page resume/portfolio template supporting responsive design & built using React and Gatsby.

Gatsby Bulma Quickstart

Gatsby starter kit to quickly build a website using React, Gatsby and Bulma CSS.

Awesome Twitter Bots

A complete resource and collection of Twitter Bots built with Node.js.


Setting Up and Getting Used to Gatsby with Kent C. Dodds, Tara Manicsic, Cory House, and Charles Max Wood.Setting Up and Getting Used to Gatsby with Kent C. Dodds, Tara Manicsic, Cory House, and Charles Max Wood.

Do you want to collaborate?

Would you like to collaborate on a project, app or work together in creating new course material for JavaScript ecosystem? please drop me an email.