How to solve RCTBridge required dispatch_sync to load warning on iOS for React Native

Published on Sep 4, 2021

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The RCTBridge required dispatch_sync to load RCTDevLoadingView has become a common occurence when developing React Native apps with version 0.64 and 0.65.


I came across this warning when installing packages like:

  • react-native-bootsplash
  • react-navigation v6

Recently, I came across an open issue on that contains the following resolution for this.

Open the file ./ios/AppName/AppDelegate.m. First, add the following just after the import statement #import "AppDelegate.h":

1#import "AppDelegate.h"
3// Add this
4#if RCT_DEV
5#import <React/RCTDevLoadingView.h>
7// ---------------

Then, in the @implementation AppDelegate, before RCTRootView, add the following:

1 #if RCT_DEV
2 [bridge moduleForClass:[RCTDevLoadingView class]];
3 #endif
5 RCTRootView *rootView ...

Build the iOS app again by running:

yarn run ios
# or
npx react-native run-ios

The warning will be gone now.

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