What have I been up to in February 2018

The month of February has been a too much of an hassle for me. At the start of the month, I was busy working and launching my book on blogging called A Blogger’s Manifesto which is a short ebook about blogging that talks about my journey in the world of blogging and I have lot to offer for newbie bloggers and especially for those who are getting started out in the world of book blogging.


You can check it on Amazon or Goodreads for what others have to say!

Next, step, I took my blog from Wordpress.com to a self hosted site using open source Wordpress.org module. It was exciting at first, then became tedious when it came to transfer almost all data from .com to .org. It took me a lot of time to decide on theme or which plugins to use and setup and everything. Though I am professional web developer, I haven’t had any experience with Wordpress prior to this.

Setting anything from scratch can be a tiring job in this fast changing world. It took me 7 days to organize every post (600+ posts at the time of transfer) and now I have to remind myself for taking the backup. (If you know, an easy way to do this, let me know). Though, I am not a big fan of PHP, I’d love to edit the theme I am currently using. Will look into that later.

readingbooks.blog is the new home for my book blog.

Note: Also, I am accepting book review requests now.

I miss coding any real project, for my own amusement. I did deep my toes in GraphQL pool earlier this month and React Native one earlier this year. I am looking forward to continue to pursue them and expand my skill set. Lo! There is still time for it I guess.

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