⚙️ What I use

I almost never get asked about what's my setup is or what I use. Nonetheless, here is what I use on daily basis.

Coding Software

  • Visual Studio Code- My friend Scott Spences introduced me to VS Code. At that time, we were both using Atom. I have never looked back
  • Jetbrains Mono- I like this font
  • Brave- as my personal browser. I also use Chrome and sometimes Safari and Firefox
  • fairyFloss- As much as I love to try new themes in VSCode, I always come back to fairyFloss
  • item2- My terminal of choice, with ZSH shell
  • Homebrew- For installing other libs and softwares
  • LICEcap- For creating GIFs
  • CleanShot X- For capturing screenshots on macOS devices

Find out more about what VSCode extensions I regularly use here.


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