How to maintain Sanity when finding a job

Finding job can be difficult. The task is not easy. Often the employers have unrealistic expectations for the sort of candidate they are looking to hire. Sometimes, the employers are unable to express with clarity what they want from the candidate they are looking for hire.

Playing this game and running around potential companies is a job in itself. You don’t want to compromise your feeling of happiness by getting much desperate for a job, such that when you accept one it leaves you miserable. What to do?

Keep Working On Your Skills

Time spent during the job search is crucial. It’s the time to you should consider sharpening your skills that will lead for better skill acquisition and make you a better candidate. Time spend in your personal development and skills fulfilment is never wasted. It is this time that help you get what you want.

Create Your Own Job

There are plenty of ways to earn money while you are searching for a role based on your skills. All you have to do is offer your skills as an on demand service. Create something that you can sell. This process leads to productivity + creativity which equals to result. Might be a better result in terms of what imagined to achieve when starting.

Or create something for the community you are a part of, for the people that every day can get benefit of. I created a Twitter Bot for #100DaysOfCode community which is a part of and now it has grown so much that in past few weeks, almost every day I have been in conversation with people about the enhancement of this project. I am learning so much in this process. Currently it is being followed by more than 2000+ people and getting a sense of gratitude from people who are making a good use of it, and who are part of this community, cannot be described in words.


Another similar option comes to mind is freelancing. Put the word out there, build something for someone, like a website or an application. START. At some point you have too. At some point you will. But I am suggesting that to START NOW. There is some sort of power in the word NOW.

At the point of starting, weighage of building something might overpower the outcome of that process, but do remember the outcome matters more, as well in the long run. I recently started freelancing by making a website for a client, and honestly, even after some amount of hassle, the completion gives me an happing feeling.

Don’t Give Up

Think about how glad you’ll be when all of your hard work eventually pays off. Interview process is stressful but in the end everything will work out. Make sure you learn something, which you will especially about yourself, while you are in this process. Everything that comes your way is an obstacle and behind every obstacle there is an opportunity. Maintain your sanity.

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