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Don’t wait. The time will never be just right. - Napoleon Hill

Lack of confidence is one of the reasons why bloggers don’t publish their posts. Especially, in this age of information overload, we tend to gather much information without much effort about the needed topic or content interesting to us but due to lack of confidence, your best post has never been published yet. We all struggle with the confidence at times when it comes to hitting the publish button. I have been blogging for more than four years and I battle the same force of struggle as you do, to feel confident. I have my doubt and worries similar to yours.

It’s a disease that wants you to stop writing. It wants you to stop researching and gaining and sharing the knowledge with your readers. That is the definition of the “lack of confidence” in my mind.

However, you cannot lose in this battle of constant struggle. If you lose, means your blog is dead. Whether you are starting afresh, or blogging for a while, I’d advice you to continue on your journey. To win this battle is publish your next blog post out there and to do so you can begin by increasing your self-confidence now.

Take Action

Don’t just sit there thinking. Write that post. Write as many drafts as you can. Edit as many times you have to. Write it. Something that appears in your mind is same as being in the void. To make it an existing entity, in other words, to give it a life, you have to write that damn post!

Try something out of your comfort zone

Write or post about something that is non-related to or isn’t a part of your niche. Be creative. This will boost your confidence level and will amuse your audience. You might end getting learning something new and getting intrigued by the topic that it becomes a regular breakthrough in the queue of posts. Another advantage here is that it will give you time to prepare for your niche content.

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Thinking You’re Ugly is Bad For You

Just as Meaghan Ramsay confronted a TED talk on the above headline about the body image that includes how we, as human beings, perceive our body image in our real lives, I want you to stop and notice your flow of thoughts whenever you are inspired by an idea or a topic or an experimentation you want to do on your blog. Don’t give too much attention to them. In fact, start to ignore them completely ASAP.

Focus on you what you are doing. You don’t what will happen in the future. You don’t how much feedback you are going t receive on your next blog post. To know all that, you have to give it a life of its own. Self-positive talk is the best piece of advice you or anyone can give to yourself. Train your mind to achieve the self-worthy belief and see the results.

For a reference, you can Meaghan Ramsay’s TED talk here.


Reading is important for any writer or blogger. Read as much as you can. Feed your mind with the content that helps you raise your confidence level. It works. In the form of a book, I highly recommend “Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill”.

Also, take a look at these two bloggers:

They are great motivational writers and by sharing their own life experiences along with the intriguing tips on overcoming inner blocks and lack of confidence.

Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success. - Napoleon Hill

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