How to remove console statements from React Native apps

Published on Jun 19, 2022

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For debugging purposes, I often use console.log statements in React Native and Expo applications.

A babel plugin called babel-plugin-transform-remove-console takes care of removing any console statements from the code. This is a great plugin that I like to use, especially before releasing apps in production.

How to use it


Install the plugin as a dev dependency in the project:

yarn add -D babel-plugin-transform-remove-console

Then, add it as a plugin under env.production in the babel.config.js file:

1module.exports = function () {
2 return {
3 // ... other project config such as presets and plugins
4 env: {
5 production: {
6 plugins: ['transform-remove-console']
7 }
8 }
9 };

This will remove any console statements from the code.

Why does it works


React Native uses Babel as a tool to read and parse React and ES6 (or later) syntax into a specific version of JavaScript code that can run in an environment (that doesn't support newer ES6 or React syntax).

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