How to create a new Firebase project?

Applications are often complex in terms of architecture. Usually, when they are implemented as full-stack or conjunction of a frontend and a backend application with a database.

If you are a solo developer trying to build out an MVP (minimum viable product) or a side project or a product app, handling the scalability of both frontend parts and the backend part of the application can take a considerable amount of time and effort.

Firebase is one of the solutions for web or mobile applications to start that side project. It offers a complete backend solution in terms of:

  • authorization
  • authentication (with common social method providers such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple Sign-in)
  • database
  • hosting

There are other specific services provided by Firebase ML Kit and Cloud functions. That said, Firebase is a Backend as a Service (BaaS). It helps to write well-designed APIs in an opinionated way and by keeping the tech stack minimal.

Create a new Firebase project from the console

To start a new Firebase app with a frontend framework or a library, the API keys are required. To obtain these API keys, you need access to a Firebase project. A new Firebase project is created from the Firebase console here


Initially, can create a free tier Firebase project known as Spark Plan. To know about pricing and more information on Firebase plans take a look here.

Now, click on the button Add project and then enter the name of the Firebase project.


Then, click the Continue on the step 2 screen.


On the step 3 screen, you can leave everything to default and press the button Create project to create a new Firebase project.


You might see a loading screen like below when the project is being created.


When the loading finishes, press the button and be welcome by the main dashboard screen of the Firebase project.


That's it to create a new Firebase project from its console.

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