Change the color of hidden files and folders in VSCode

Published on Sep 4, 2022

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Using VSCode, I love switching back and forth between dark and light themes to make things interesting for myself when working. Generally, I prefer a light-ish dark theme such as fairyFloss or Quiet Light that comes pre-installed.

I recently switched to morgan.code theme, which uses a set of contrasting colors that are pleasing to my growing old eyes. It is developed by a fellow developer Morgan Richardson.

Using this theme for a while, I realized I am so used to seeing files and folder names that git ignores in a specific gray color.

The original theme comes with blue-ish (maybe some sort of Cyan or Aqua) color for the ignored files and folders.

original theme

To customize this color value, VSCode, provides a property called gitDecoration.ignoredResourceForeground which accepts a color value in hexadecimal format. It can be used with the VSCode theme color setting: workbench.colorCustomizations to override the value that the original theme provides.

1// settings.json
4 // ...
5 "workbench.colorCustomizations": {
6 // select theme you want to apply color customization value
7 "[]": {
8 "gitDecoration.ignoredResourceForeground": "#434343"
9 }
10 }

That's it! And now, my optic nerves are happy again.

customized theme

VSCode is so customizable that it surprises me at times.

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